Current Recipients

Congratulations 2018-2019 Prize Winners!

The Anne and Benjamin Goor Prize in Jewish Studies is intended to support, encourage, and stimulate research in the field of Jewish Studies at UC Berkeley. It was established in 1977 by Anne Goor in memory of her husband, Benjamin, and renamed upon her death in 2005. Prizes are awarded annually for the best undergraduate and graduate essays.

Congratulations to this year’s Goor Prize winners:

Jennifer Stover-Kemp (G) “Pan-Idolatry in Exodus 34:11-17: Theorizing the Productive Nature of Forgetting within Hermeneutic Culture”

Yael Segalovitz Eshel (G) “The Tel Aviv School and Maximalist Reading: A.B. Yehoshua and the Israeli Anxiety of Social Disintegration”

Gilad Barach (UG) “So lovely to see you, Rabbi: Heschel and Adorno, Morals in the Hands of the Production Apparatus”

Sarah Goldwasser (UG) “The Rhetoric of Buried Testimony: Memory and Absence from the Warsaw Ghetto”

Andrew Kuznetsov (UG) “The Hasid and the Jewish Revolutionary: Time and
Juxtaposition in Isaac Babel’s Red Cavalry”