2004 Alumni

Rachel Havrelock

Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Dissertation Title: “The Jordan River: Crossing a Biblical Boundary”

Website: http://engl.uic.edu/english/directory/faculty/rachel-havrelock

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of English and Jewish Studies Program, University of Illinois at Chicago


Sergey Dolgopolskii Sergey

Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Dissertation Title: “The Rhetoric of the Talmud in the Perspective of Post-Structuralism”

Website: http://www.complit.buffalo.edu/people/faculty/sergey-dolgopolski/

Current Position: Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and The Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage at the University of Buffalo.

Prior to joining University of Buffalo in Fall 2010, Dr. Dolgoppolski taught at Kansas University-Lawrence, UC Davis, University of San Francisco, Graduate Theological Union, UC Berkeley, and conducted research in Jewish Studies as Mellon Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Dolgopolskii is the author of Rhetoric of the Talmud in the View of Post-Structuralism (1998, St-Petersburg and Jerusalem, in Russian) and What is Talmud? The Art of Disagreement (Fordham U. Press, 2009). His new book The Open Past: Subjectivity and Remembering in the Talmud, with Fordham University Press, was published in the Fall 2012. The book isolates and critically analyses thinking and remembering practices in Babylonian Talmud in the context of philosophical and rhetorical disciplines of thinking and remembering. He is at the beginning stages of a new book-length project on comparative poetics and phenomenology of thinking in the Palestinian and Babylonian Talmuds in the scope of the broader traditions of political thinking in literature.