Yael Segalovitz


Segalovitz’s research spans Israeli, Brazilian, and English literatures in an attempt to comparatively explorethe different imagined consciousnesses depicted in their modernist traditions. In particular, she is interested in considering the Jewish Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector alongside the Israeli feminist writer Amalia Kahana-Carmon, both writing during the second half of the 20th century and expressing an affinity for European modernism (especially the work of Virginia Woolf) and Jewish textual tradition. In analyzing these texts, she often draws on contemporary psychoanalytical and poststructuralist thought, a combination that played an important role in her master’s thesis, “Clarice Lispector’s Melancholic Language” (2012). Segalovitz is also involved in literary translations between Hebrew, Portuguese, and English and is currently working on translating poems from Aviva-no (2009) by the Israeli poet Shimon Adaf into English, and translating Clarice Lispector’s A Via Crucis do Corpo(1974) into Hebrew.