Shawna Vesco

Shawna Vesco is a San Francisco-based writer, cultural theorist, and humanities educator. She received her Ph.D. in Literature from UC Santa Cruz, and she currently lectures at several Bay Area universities on topics related to holocaust studies, film, poetry, contemporary fiction, gender studies, and critical theory. Her current book project, Disaster-Writing: Literature, Community, and Technology in Late Capitalism, explores the arts and humanities as ethical technologies that un-work the Western Modern Project, identity politics, “Silicon Valley” (the metonym for “the Tech Industry”), the ills of late capitalism, and other pockets of current global socio-political anxiety. She recently served as a guest curator at NYC’s apexart for the exhibition Un-Working the Icon: Kurdish “Warrior-Divas.” Her work can be found in Boundary2, Thresholds, Interim, and at A forthcoming chapter, “Writing Community: Maurice Blanchot, Franz Rosenzweig & László Nemes’ Son of Saul,” will appear in the edited volume, Fault Lines of Modernity:The Fractures and Repairs of Religion, Ethics, and Literature.