Noam Gill

Noam Gil is the Helen Diller Postdoctoral Fellow in The Center for Jewish Studies. He received his PhD from Tel Aviv University where he also taught at the English and American Studies department. His dissertation, titled “The Burden of Identity: Holocaust Survivors in Jewish America Literature”, was a comparative discussion on the character of the Holocaust survivor in literature during two distinct periods in American history – the immediate years after the Holocaust, and the early years of the 21st century. Gil’s current research focuses on recent manifestations, in popular culture, of the suspicious category of the “Self-Hating Jew”. His areas of specialization include Post-War and 21st Century Jewish American Literature, 20th century American theater and Drama, and Jews in Popular Culture.

Additionally, Gil is also a playwright. Two plays of his are currently showing in several Israeli theaters and an additional play is currently in the midst of production at the Israeli National Theater, Habima.