Eli Rosenblatt


Rosenblatt’s dissertation examines travel narratives as a nationalist, socialist, and religious medium in modern Yiddish and Hebrew culture. Focusing on an upsurge of fascination with the mariner, slave, pioneer, heathen, native, and itinerant, he examines the ways in which traditional forms of Jewish travel were reclaimed and used to construct a modern poetics of Jewish collectivity. This year, Rosenblatt is offering a Freshman/Sophomore Seminar, entitled “The Paradox of Survival: An Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought,”for those interested in the Jewish Studies minor.This course will examine how a variety of modern Jewish philosophers, writers, filmmakers, and visual artists have constructed and radically reevaluated Jewishness in the light of modern experience. He is pleased to have received the Magnes Fellowship for 2013-14, and will be using his time there to integrate the study of material culture with his seminar teaching.