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Congratulations Prize Winners!

The Anne and Benjamin Goor Prize in Jewish Studies is intended to support, encourage, and stimulate research in the field of Jewish Studies at UC Berkeley. It was established in 1977 by Anne Goor in memory of her husband, Benjamin, and renamed upon her death in 2005. Prizes are awarded annually for the best undergraduate and graduate essays.

Congratulations to this year’s Goor Prize winners:

Undergraduate student, Nathan Wexler, on his essay, "Yeshayahu Leibowitz & Abraham Joshua Heschel: Political Critique as Theology in Post-Holocaust Judaism Mitzvah as an Antidote to Modernity"

Graduate student, Danny Luzon, on his essay, "Debating American Yiddish Literature in Theory: Modernist Representation and the Future of Yiddish for Lamed Shapiro and Yankev Glatshteyn"

Graduate student, Raphael Magarik, on his essay, "Milton's Phylacteries:  Textual Idolatry and the Beginnings of Critical Exegesis"

The William Ze'ev Brinner Graduate Student Fellowship was established in the spring of 2014 in honor of the late Professor Ze'ev Brinner who taught Arabic and Islamic studies in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Berkeley from 1956 until his retirement in 1991, and served as Chair of the Department several times. In keeping with the Brinner family's preference, the strongest candidates will have an intercultural or interfaith focus to their work.

Congratulations to this year's winner:

Graduate Student, Ayelet Even-Nur, is a PhD candidate in the Near Eastern Studies Department. Her main research interests are contemporary Palestinian and Israeli poetry and art, and the way the interplay of language and body influences our understanding of these two forms and their effects on cultural patterns.

Jewish Spirituality in Music Today

We are very pleased to announce our 2016 summer course, Jewish Spirituality in Music Today. Enroll at the UC Berkeley summer session website:

The Future of the Zohar

The Future of the Zohar is a celebration of Daniel Matt's new, English translation of the Zohar. A labor of many years, the translation has already transformed how the Zohar is studied and appreciated, and promises to create new, exciting futures for one of Judaism's mystical gems. The conference will feature several [TED-style] talks on Kabbalah, a musical performance of a selection from the Zohar, and an opportunity to celebrate an achievement that is both deftly academic and aimed at making the Zohar accessible to anybody who wishes to dive into its mysteries and spiritual insights. View Flyer. RSVP Here.

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Center for Jewish Studies Welcomes New Faculty Director

Ben Brinner has been appointed the new faculty director for UC Berkeley's Center for Jewish Studies, a center that brings together faculty, students and visiting scholars for research and debate across Jewish studies' wide academic landscape... read more »

Lecture Series Videos

The Center for Jewish Studies is pleased to announce that many of our events are available to view online on our CJS YouTube channel.